Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Traveller Love

Today is the day I start the blog.... I am by no means a writer and have beautiful words in my head that never quite come out right on paper but as they say  here goes nothing.

Today I recieved a beautiful post card from Newfoundland from Erin and Eric who recently got married. The story goes that they found each other in the city of Vancouver through a very small doll made right here in Africa ( South Africa) pinned on a winter coat.

 So how did this love story start... Erin came as a volunteer to the home of the Little Travellers - the Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust - Woza Moya -while she was studying geography- how she ended up here is another story but I will try to stick to the basics. She was with us for three or four months three years ago and worked help me set up the Little Traveller exhibition at the Durban ART Gallery. When she returned home a little depressed , she was walking to Starbucks when she saw a man in coat with a tiny Traveller on it - they struck up a conversation - had a coffee and the rest is history- true love - and marriage. So when I got the card from Erin with a beauitiful wedding photo of them both, it brought tears to  my eyes thinking of the story - and Traveller Love - how you can find love in the most unexpected places but only if "you have the eyes to see it, and the hands to gather it yourself" ( forgot who said thsi qoute)

Ntombi one of the women that makes the Little Travellers told me once that she loves making the little dolls and that when she is making them she thinks of real people, that when she is done she hates parting with her Little family she has created!  I thought today of the little fella that Eric was wearing on his coat that day - how it conspired to bring two strangers together.  I love a story with a happy ending.

If you want to find out more about Little Travellers go to www.littletraveller.org.za

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